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These days, just about every business maintains a professional website. Since between 70 and 80 percent of all people report researching companies online before they head in to investigate products or services, it’s a good thing they do. If you want potential customers or clients to view your business as a genuine competitor in the industry, a professional website is a must.

Wondering what it takes to design a stellar website? For one thing, it takes years of hands-on experience with finding out what works, which is just what we bring to the table. We have worked with a wide variety of industry leaders, but our creative experts are also committed to keeping up with changing expectations and researching what works for different types of companies.

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What is Good Design

Small Business Websites

We work with Calgarian and Airdrie businesses of all sizes to create the perfect website designs and make sure your potential customers or clients can find you. If you’re just just now starting a business in Calgary, congratulations! Get in touch with us to see how we can help you take your business to the next level.

ECommerce Websites

Not all Calgary business owners maintain brick-and-mortar storefronts. These days, it’s just as common to see strictly eCommerce businesses popping up online. ECommerce businesses can be lucrative, but it’s a competitive market. Let us design you a website that stands out from the crowd.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management platform, so it should come as no surprise that our clients prefer to use it for web creation. Some people are content to use templates, but our clients are different. They know that having a professionally designed WordPress website is the best way.

Website Redesign

Already have a business website in Calgary but worried that it’s not performing up to its full potential? We can help by giving your business and its online presence a brand-new look. We’re experts at creating fresh designs while maintaining brand integrity and keeping current audiences interested.

What Makes a Solid Website?

Whether you need an existing website redesigned or are starting from the ground up, the basics are always the same. Across all industries, cities, and audiences, every good website has a handful of things in common. Our team will make it a priority to ensure that your new or redesigned site covers all the basics while simultaneously standing out from the crowd.

Because the percentage of people who browse the internet on phones rather than on laptops or desktop computers is currently approaching 60 percent, we also focus on versatility. Your website needs to look just as stunning on smaller devices as it does when viewed in its full glory from a desktop web browser. Our graphic designers will work carefully with the web development team to make sure the entire site looks fantastic no matter how your customers choose to connect.

Modern businesses need websites with streamlined, well-conceived designs, and that’s something that can’t be done with cookie-cutter templates. Professional web designers understand how to create pages that reflect your brand and speak directly to your intended audience to generate positive hype and convert more customers. They know when to follow conventional design standards and when to break the rules.

Although the visual basis of every website is its color scheme, images, and fonts, it takes more than just a good eye for graphic design and spacing to create a bespoke site. Every element must be carefully crafted and placed to maximize its effectiveness, and that’s just what we’ll do. 

Effective Web Design in Calgary

We understand the importance of effective web design, which is why Calgary business owners trust our processes. Appearances aren’t everything, but they will create a first impression in the minds of your visitors. Let us help you make sure that first impression is both positive and memorable.

Figuring out what works for your brand can take some time, but only because we want to get every element just right. Sometimes, that requires competitor analysis, A/B testing, and other pre-release evaluations. Remember, there’s no one answer when it comes to the question of how to design the perfect website. Every industry, company, and customer base is different, and we want your site to speak directly to the consumer segments you value the most.

While every consumer base is different, there are some design elements that are always effective. and balanced.

While we respect the commonly accepted elements of web design described above, our team also knows when to break the rules. It’s all about creating a website that reflects your company and its values, and sometimes, that requires thinking outside the box.

Responsive Calgary Web Designer

Web Design That Reflects Your Brand

Consistent branding is important. It conveys an air of professionalism while simultaneously making sure that your audience recognizes the company and its products or services. Our web design services won’t just make sure your website looks good. We’ll also help your company take its branding efforts to the next level.

Our design team is also committed to working closely with clients to ensure that the branding is completely on-point. Every image, graphic, and element on the site will be custom-created to increase brand awareness and make sure it sticks in visitors’ minds.

Responsive Calgary Web Designer

It doesn’t matter what type of company your brand reflects. Our team of expert web designers is just as skilled at creating compelling product pages for eCommerce websites as we are redesigning websites for local businesses and organizations that want to convey information, boost reputation, and create an air of expertise. No matter what you need, we’ll come up with an effective design that focuses on your site, its purpose, and its intended audience.

Keep Your Visitors Interested and Engaged

Today’s consumers expect every aspect of their online experiences to be smooth and modern. If they get to your site and it looks like it was designed in the 1990s, they won’t stay for very long. The longer you can get visitors to stick around, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to convert them into valuable customers. Having a professionally designed website is the best way to do so.

There are good reasons that we begin the design process for every website with a client interview. We want to know just what you expect but also to pick your brain regarding the company’s customer base. In all cases, business websites must meet four core design goals. They must:

  1. Describe your expertise.
  2. Build a positive reputation.
  3. Generate leads.
  4. Keep current customers happy.
  5. Responsive Website
  6. Custom Web Design

Some companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to accomplishing those goals. The problem with that approach is that every target audience is different. Keeping up with web design trends isn’t just about knowing what everyone else is doing. It’s also about knowing what your customers want and expect.

Website Developers Calgary

Our Website Development Service

Scour Web offers the accompanying website architecture and improvement administrations. We will work with you to find the best answer for your business needs and goals.











See the different types of sites we have developed for businesses in Calgary throughout our web design portfolio.

Our Website Development Process


Scour Web’s site improvement and configuration group utilizes a client-centered way to deal with ensure our clients’ fulfillment and, in particular, results. Site speed particularly.


Our staff will make a total arrangement for your web composition and showcasing, from cutthroat examination to site advancement on the best-promoting channels for your industry.


We start by conversing with key individuals inside your association to look into what you do, your business goals, and what you’ve attempted such long ways to accomplish in promoting results.


Our website specialists will make one-of-a-kind and lovely plan that stands apart from your top rivals in search and online entertainment.


Our full-stack web designers will fabricate an answer that includes the highlights in general and usefulness your association needs to connect with and convert guests into clients.

Our Web Developers

To guarantee the sites we create, accomplish your showcasing goals, our group of experienced website specialists, designers, client experience specialists, and website streamlining experts work intimately with our clients in the meantime.

– Your site will draw in guests from natural pursuit, and configuration dazzled guests.

– Your site content will engage guests to pursue a buying choice.

– Your site functionalities will do nothing to prevent guests from changing over into leads or deals.

– Your site elements will urge fans to leave positive audits and offer your items and administrations with family, companions, and associates.


Scour Web doesn't simply zero in on what site guests see. Our web designers work intimately with ease of use analyzers and computerized promoting subject matter experts (Specialized SEOs) to make a site that draws in your ideal interest group from search and social, connects with them with top-notch content, and converts them easily into leads and deals.

It relies upon the sort of site you want. Scour Web offers the most reasonable website architecture and improvement administrations for Calgary organizations, everything being equal. A straightforward, static site web improvement venture will begin at roughly $1000.00, while a mind-boggling, custom site with cutting-edge Web-based business functionalities begins at $3000.00.

Starting around 2015, we have created many versatile responsive sites for little and medium estimated organizations, WordPress sites for nearby media sources, and custom Internet business destinations for neighborhood retailers. We likewise foster sites involving Python and Django for bigger web improvement projects.

We will work with you to decide the best sort of site stage and innovation for your site needs to guarantee execution, results, and future versatility. We foster sites that rank high in web crawlers; "it's an exercise in futility to claim a site on the off chance that nobody will see it".

Website composition centers around the front finish of your site; more on the look and feel. Web advancement centers around the back-end highlights and functionalities of your site. A few sites need more improvement than others, for instance. A site with a booking framework, live chatbots, and a store with many items, will require significantly more web improvement than a straightforward 6 page educational site.

In the event that you're keen on finding out about the distinction between web specialists and engineers, kindly snap here.

Scour Web UX, search and digital marketing specialists will continue to work with you to increase website traffic from the most effective marketing channels and help you convert new visitors and subscribers into leads and sales. 

We have a great team of SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) & PPCs (Pay Per Click) experts.

Reach us for a statement on your web improvement project. We will answer within a couple of hours with an underlying evaluation in light of the data you give.

Whenever we have figured out the particulars, we can make a timetable of when you can hope to arrive at significant achievements throughout the task. We offer rush conveyance, however, there's an expense related. We can create and plan sites somewhere in the range of 2 weeks to 1 year, there are a ton of contrasts from one task to another.

Tools and Software

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